Island Pilot 535 Express

IP535_Express_Profile_111109 copy

With the successful introduction of the Island Pilot IP535 with fly bridge, we are introducing an Express Version of the IP535.

There is a significant number of boaters who no longer feel the need for a fly bridge and prefer the more streamlined look of express yachts. With her exceptional lower helm, The IP535 is a perfect yacht to produce as an Express Version.

The primary fiberglass remains the same, up to the top of the fly bridge coaming - an extended cockpit cover, either FRP or canvas is up to the owner. The space freed up on what was the bridge is a perfect spot to store the dinghy and folding crane, out of sight. Also, the antenna array can be kept lower, just high enough to peek over the forward coaming.

Other changes would include the aft entry into the saloon. Since the stair to the bridge is no longer needed, there is space for double sliding glass doors opening to the mezzanine deck, bringing the interior into closer contact with the aft cockpit. The LPG grill console (to port) and the entry door to the engine room (to starboard) would remain the same. Stairs to the aft deck would be widened to match the double sliding doors. The wet bar/ice maker console to port would remain the same while the settee to starboard of the stairs would need to be made a bit smaller.

Other design modifications now being considered for the IP535 include eliminating the lower helm station entirely and enclosing the bridge with an interior stairway. This would free up significant space in the saloon allowing for a variety of furniture arrangements, including the possibility of a galley-up layout.

If any of these newer arrangements is of interest, get in touch for more details.