IP440 Photos

Island Pilot 440 Photos

This series of photographs combines various versions of our 42’ (length on deck) Island Pilots (the IP395 and the IP435, both single and double staterrooms). The new 42’ (length on deck) Island Pilots will be called the IP440 to differentiate from older versions. The IP440 will have a totally reworked aft cockpit (no pictures or renderings at present). Also, the IP440 will introduce a new, “true” 2 stateroom version with 2 heads. To keep clear the different models now being offered, the former 2 stateroom version (with a convertible study and half-head in the master) will now be called the “1.5SR.” The new 2 stateroom/2 head version, will be called the “2SR.” The original 1 stateroom layout will continue to be called the “1SR.”

The photos contained here that are labled “1.5SR” are in fact the former 2 stateroom versions. We hope this is not too confusing? If so, please contact us for clarification?