IP435 Compared to the Competion

Comparisons between the Island Pilot and other cruising yachts in her class.

In the interest of making it easier for you to compare the Island Pilot 435 with other motor yachts in her size and price range, we have created this series of pages listing as many details as we have been able to find on the internet and from manufacturers printed materials. Please feel free to contact us with any corrections and/or misrepresentations you may find - we’ll correct any errors as fast as we find them. In the meantime, take a close look at how the Island Pilot fares with some of these other fine yachts.


Perhaps the closest in size and performance, is the Beneteau Swift 42. At 44’3” LOA x 14’1” Beam x 30,000# she perhaps measures closest to the Island Pilot. Click here for details.


Introduced in 1979, the Nordic Tugs have defined a new style of fast trawler, the “Tug Yacht.” The Nordic Tug 37, at 39’10” LOA x 12’ 11” Beam x 22,000#, is the closest of this line of fine yachts to the Island Pilot. Click here for details.


One cannot discuss “Tug Yachts” without mentioning the American Tug 34. Even though this is the smallest yacht in this comparison (38’5” LOA x 13’3” Beam x 20,000#) she is finely fiinished and competes well with these larger vessels. Click here for details.


NOTE: The above renderings are as close to the same scale as possible giving you a good idea as to their relative sizes. We will be posting more comparisons as we collate the data. If you’d like to see us compare the Island Pilot with another yacht, please feel free to offer your suggestions: info@islandpilot.com