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The Island Pilot at 33 knots!

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April 21st, 2005 - Zhuhai, China. The Island Pilot 395 showed off her stuff for the first time. The Volvo 350 HP D6s pushed her to a top speed of 33.4 knots! By backing her down to a top continuous cruise of 3,200 RPM, the GPS showed a cruising speed of 28.4 knots at a fuel flow of 27.7 gallons per hour! Better than 1 nautical mile per gallon at fast cruise. For those who want to go longer distances between fuel stops, she has a range of 670 NM at 9.1 knots, 980 NM at 7.8 knots & 1,165 NM at 6.8 knots. Sea trials were conducted with 90% fuel, 90% water, full holding tank and with 11 persons on board - her all-up weight was 30,350#. We’ll be posting complete results soon. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS.

The ISLAND PILOT TECH TEAM has published its first newsletter - full of helpful information, it is available to ALL OWNERS at the IPOWNERS newsgroup on Yahoo.com.

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